2020 Naturist Thailand

Naturist holidays in Thailand - a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. There are several poorly populated places where you can retire for a nude style rest: Rai Leh beach, also known as Railay, in Krabi province; a small, but huge Mai Khao beach in Phuket; beach Samae on the island of Larne, located near Pattaya; beaches of Chang Island and neighboring small islands located near Trat; beaches of Ao Hin Lor and Wok Thum of Ko Phangan; the beaches of the island of Samui - Maenam (in the north) and Thong Son Bay (in the north-east).
But the city has much more to offer: get indulged in the local spirituality in one of the temples, taste authentic Thai delicacies, go shopping in one of the many malls, explore the floating markets or watch the sunset on one of the wonderful white beaches surrounding the city.

He was kind enough to pick us up at the airport (for a fee, of course) and was happy to share his perspectives on naturism in Thailand, which might be summarized with You should come to my place.” What hadn't occurred to me is that Chiang Mai (A great city, by the way) is far enough north to have a distinctively cooler climate that I had associated with Southeast Asia.
We communicate our common values of healthy, non-sexual leisure activities towards the authorities, other tourism and business associations and the Thai public in general to the benefit of both our individual naturist members and our current and future naturist resort members.
Other articles focus on the latest major event, the 5th NATCON - Thailand's annual international naturist conference - which this year clothing optional resort thailand took place on a series of floating rafts moored up in the natural surroundings of one of Thailand's large electricity generating dams.

On second day of our visit in the morning after breakfast I was sitting with one friend (Guy was local to Thailand and our personal guide) at garden outside my room, note: i was complete naked sitting with my legs cross to not show my private part but only bare breasts.
Thailand has recently been gaining a lot of medical tourists because most medicines are available in all major cities and islands and antibiotics, birth control pills and pain killers are available without prescription. All this makes an integral part of nudist rest which is absent on empty lonely beaches unknown to anybody.

And then it's time to hit the nightlife, move your suitcases to Chan resort which is in the center of Pattaya city but still in a quiet street so your rest is secured. Therefore, for example, to appear outside beaches without outerwear it is considered incorrect from the point of view of the Thai etiquette.

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