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CA Green Remodeling, Inc. Please browse our gallery for an idea of kinds of whole house renovations we do. Many links will take you to helpful before-and-after photos of specific projects, such as kitchen remodeling , Los Angeles home additions , 2nd story additions , and more.
Recently contracted a major remodel for us. We added a new master bedroom with a balcony and walk in closet on a new second floor, rebuilt our kitchen with new cabinets, flooring and lighting, re-floored the entire first floor with wood and stone, and re-stuccoed the entire exterior of the house with a modern meditaerranean texture and look.

I'm very happy with the result, and of course happy with the price I paid for it. I had a few other bids from other contractors before I hired Ivy Builders, and even though Tal and Nick did not come in as the lowest bid, I felt confident that they would do the best job for me. Looking back, the good feeling I had about Ivy Builders definitely paid off.
The remodeling included, among other: hardwood floors re-finish, installation of new marble floors throughout, interior and exterior painting, complete renovation of all bathrooms, reconstruction of a new balcony and indoor jacuzzi areas, plumbing, interior and exterior electrical work, installed new granite counter tops, wrought iron replacements etc.

While our services are in high demand and it is possible that we would have to schedule your project or repair at least several days ahead (depending on the season and busyness level), yet, we also understand the need for more urgent work and will accommodate you in this regard to the fullest of our ability.
Whether it is replacing aging windows and doors with updated, energy efficient models, converting a bathroom with a walk-in tub or shower, or providing year ‘round outdoor living space with a patio cover or patio enclosure, Hausner Construction has earned a reputation for quality work and attentive service from start to finish.
Roofs in Los Angeles that are older than 20 years, should consider replacing entire roof because chances are the roof has been re-roofed several times and another roof layer wont repair the leaks. Our dedication to our clients create a partnership relationship throughout the remodeling process that guarantees that you will receive the highest levels of customer service.

Laminate wood floor and tiles, heating unit, skim coats and complete interior painting, interior doors, closets and moldings, two bathrooms remodeling, Oran Remodeling kitchen remodeling, electrical and re-piping. Our home remodeling service includes—Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions and more.
The bottom line is, consult with a professional remodeling contractor before you even start to make sure you won't incur any additional costs by tearing down a load bearing wall, for instance. This is due to our exceptional home remodeling skills and our reputation for unparalleled customer service.

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